Commercial Products

Allasso® shaped fibers have been successfully produced with polypropylene, polyethylene, polybutylene terephthalate, polyamides, polylactic acid, and polyester.

The Nano channels™ is part of Allasso’s growing shaped-geometry fiber portfolio of tailor-made fibers, media, and fabrics created for specialty and high performance applications.

Knit Fabrics

When the nano channels™ are used to construct knits, including terry and jersey, the fabrics are taken to the next level of performance. These fabrics are incorporated into a multitude of applications including filters, wipes, garments, and geo-textile applications.

Terry cloth, for example, is ideal for wipes because of the high surface area. The winged filament increases the surface area 100 fold over a standard round filament. The result is extremely high surface, less bulk and less weight.

The nano channels shape, in conjunction with the loop construction, acts as a receptacle for particulates of various sizes, thus making it ideal for filtration applications. The surface or filter matter can be oil or water based; the nano channels can be produced with the polymer
that is best suited for the application.

Upcoming Fiber Options

The winged media™ can be produced either alone or where a fraction of the wings are separate from the structure so as to create a nano sized secondary fiber that is intimately mixed with the much larger winged fiber.

Nano channels can be produced either as continuous filament, spun-bond media, and staple fibers that are subsequently consolidated by hydroentanglement or needlepunch processing and further finished by other fiber processing technologies.

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