Advantages of Shaped Fibers

Our customers are those companies in need of products that can provide cleaner air, cleaner water, functionality with softness and drape ability, more absorbent and better cleaning materials, and enhanced personal protection from biological, chemical, and nuclear threats.

All these performance demands are balanced with the value a product must provide.

Shaped Fiber: Production Fundamentals

The realization of the Allasso® Nano Channels™ is produced in a two step process that includes spinning to create the fiber, and washing to remove one of the components and reveal the winged polymer.

Air Purification and Filtration

air_purification_and_filtrationThrough a partnership agreement, Allasso® has licensed this Allasso shaped fiber technology to Nano Filtration Technologies LP (Pittsburgh, PA) for air filtration applications.

The nano channels™ are available with a range of specifications including scrim composite structures and electrostatic charging.

Air Filtration: Permeability

The Allasso nano channels offer the opportunity to enhance filtration efficiency, reduce pressure drop, and save energy. The first applications are for hospitals, clean rooms, and other applications where HEPA quality filtration is required.

Unlike meltblown and electrospun fibers that can easily consolidate with a concomitant loss of permeability, the large fiber diameter of the winged media™ can help the media maintain a low pressure drop… even after loading.


Air Filtration: Enhanced Loading Capabilities

The open construction of the Allasso® shaped fibers allows for heavy loading of the fibers before significant increases in pressure drop are observed.

Even when the initial pressure drop of the media is higher than other filtration media, the overall pressure drop through the life of the filter can be much lower… resulting in a lower cost of operation.



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