Winged and Shaped Fiber Applications


Air – Nano channels offer a a high surface area for maximizing particle capture while minimizing pressure drop resulting in filters that can produce cleaner air while reducing energy costs.

Aerosol – Small liquid particles are efficiently collected in the deep channels of the nano channel enabling the collection of greater load with no increase in operating pressure resulting in reduced filter change-outs and lower operating costs.

Liquid – Because the nano channel is a large fiber, it resists consolidation during use maintaining its open structure, efficiency, and service life.

Water Purification – Nano channels can be designed to operate as pre-filters or final filters for the production of potable water bringing safe drinking water to every part of the world.

Oil Filtration – The nano channel can be produced with a range of resins creating filters that are resistant to oil and other filtrates that might damage the filter.

Uranium Separation Seawater – Nano channels are being identified as next-generation advances for increasingly demanding applications such as the separation of uranium from sea water.

Water Purification and Filtration:

The Allasso® nano channels™ are excellent for filtering water and other liquids. They can be specially tailored to attain specific filtration targets or combined with other structures to produce filtration performance characteristics unattainable by other media. The Allasso nano channels can be produce with almost any spinable polymer. As a result, fibers can be created for oil filtration and water filtration.

Water Filtration Capture Efficiency

 Pressure normalized water flux can be tuned by fiber composition additives, surface treatment, and a wide range of traditional fiber finishing techniques.


Water Filtration: Pressure Drop vs. Turn-Over


Water Filtration: Turbidity Remaining Ratio



Disposable – The nano channels can be produced with inexpensive resins and used in the most common household disposable wipes.

Reusable – The nano channels can be produced as rugged and reusable household and industrial wipes with outstanding water and dust holding capacities enabling manufacturers the opportunity to enter new and emerging markets.

Cosmetic – Nano channels produce a strong but soft wipe with deep channels that can both hold and apply skin creams as well as capture oils and makeup, perfect for cosmetic wipes.


Incontinence – The nano channels deep channels offer an unmatched design for quickly absorbing and wicking water, excellent for critical liquid management applications.

Hygiene – Nano channels can be produced from a wide range of resins, melt additives, and coatings that can attack and kill biological contaminants for applications in today’s increasingly demanding heath industry.


Acoustical – The unusual cross-sectional geometry of winged fibers offer acoustic damping characteristics for the most demanding applications such as cars, audio environments, buildings.

Thermal – Nano channels offer an amazingly effective way of trapping air in and around each fiber, just like nature’s most effective insulation system, a feather. Furthermore, the nano channels large diameter minimizes the change of poke-through, a common problem in other insulation media.

Energy Storage:

Fuel Cells – Fuel cells have particularly challenging construction and performance characteristics. Nano channels offer a way of creating a next-generation fuel-cell membrane with exceptional surface area, stability at elevated temperatures, and excellent resistance to chemical attack.

Protective Clothing:

Facemasks – The open structure of nano channels offer a lower pressure drop facemask that is more comfortable than masks made from small diameter melt-blown fibers alone. In addition, the channels enable the creation of a mask with un-matched dust holding capacity, thus extending the life of the facemask and its cost-of-use.


Sporting/Active/Outdoor – Today’s modern sportswear requires the careful engineering of fibers and fabric structures that can manage moisture transport though the fabric and evaporation into the surrounding air. The tunable geometry of the winged fiber quickly and efficiently moves moisture off the skin, through the fabric, and supports evaporation. Keeping a professional athlete or average active mom dry and cool.

Personal Care:

Moisture Management – Careful control of sweat from hospital patients can make them comfortable, reduce bed sores, and minimize infections that too often arise from long-term bed-rest. Sheets and hospital wear made from nano channels can address all of these common issues.

Thermal Management – When a patient’s temperature rises uncontrollably, sheets of the nano channels can be used to help bring the patent’s body temperature back to normal.

Homeland Defense:

HEPA Filters – Nano channels can easily be used to construct HEPA quality filters that can filter 99.97% of 300nm particles. In addition to protecting Federal and Defense installations, HEPA filters are also used in  clean rooms used to produce modern semi-conductors.

Composite Structures:

Artificial Leathers – The shape and large fiber diameter of the nano channels create a novel substrate for the manufacture of artificial leather. The nano channels substrate can be coated for artificial leather applications or saturated for suede applications, the resulting product is soft, strong, and flexible.

Polymer-Fiber Composites – The very high surface area when coupled to the deep channel structure of the winged fiber make it an exceptional fiber for a range of polymer-fiber composites.

Specialty Applications:

Specialty applications include  surface for peptide ligands used for selective absorption, home and commercial wipes, commercial and health care absorbents, battery separator membranes, polymer fiber composites, and artificial leather.

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