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Welcome to Allasso Industries

Welcome AllassoAllasso Industries®, Inc., is a Raleigh based technology company that produces fibers and nonwovens for specialty markets.

Our innovative fibers and fabrics have applications in air and water filtration, wipes and absorbent products, hygiene and incontinence, membranes and separators, bio-medical and pharmaceutical, and reinforced composites.

We produce these fibers with traditional, biodegradable, and dissolvable resins.

Our focus is on tomorrow’s innovations for today’s opportunities.

Why you need it

The patented Allasso “winged fiber”™ has a cross-section that produces an exceptional surface area that can be functionalized for biomedical applications, deep channels for filtering anything from dirt to bacteria, and incredible wicking properties for absorbents and wipe applications.


The winged fiber can be produced as rugged and reusable household and industrial wipes with outstanding water and dust holding capacities enabling manufacturers the opportunity to enter new and emerging markets.

Pharmaceutical Separation

Winged fibers can be formed with reactive polymers, reactive additives, or with reactive coatings that can selectively capture then release important bio and pharmaceuticals products sharply reducing production costs

Wound Dressings

Wound dressings made from winged fibers offer an intrinsically strong dressing with a tunable formation and super-high surface area perfect for maximizing clotting speeds and minimizing the healing time.

Water Purification

Winged fibers can be designed to operate as pre-filters or final filters for the production of potable water bringing safe drinking water to every part of the world.


Our fibers offer a wide range of possibilities and applications for your needs.

Advantages of Shaped Fibers

Our customers are those companies in need of products that can provide:

  • cleaner airPartners lab
  • cleaner water
  • purer biomedical products and drugs
  • functionality with softness and drape ability
  • more absorbent and better cleaning materials
  • and enhanced personal protection from biological, chemical, and nuclear threats.

All these performance demands are balanced with the value a product must provide.

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